Black bar at top of page


I’m still trying to make the sidebar button more prominent.

At Appearance>Customize>Site Identity I disabled “Display Site Title and Tagline” as I don’t want it.

However, this reduces the translucent black bar at the top of the page to a default size that doesn’t cover the sidebar cross anymore: In effect, losing the contrast and power of the button.

Can I change the translucent black bar to a size so it looks like the sidebar cross fits in it?


Please share a link to your site so we can try to generate some css code in order to increase size of black bar container.

Best Regards!

Hi again,

Please apply custom css code below and black header height should be increased like this :

.header-fixed {
    min-height: 50px;

You can apply css from WP admin > Appereance > Custom CSS.

Best Regards!

Thank you!