Bistro theme, customizer menù problem

Hi dears, from 2 weeks I can’t see the preview when I enter in Theme Customizer menù.
I use Bistro Theme, the food version of Sydney theme, and in other my website it works fine.
When I select Customizer, the menù appears on the left but on the right side it’s requested the wordpress access.
I try inserting my data login access but it doesn’t work and it asks me again the login.

Please could you help me.

Thanks, best regards

Hi Team, my website is I use OVH hosting and work with wordpress. I use Bistro Theme, that works fine on another my website.
In this I’ve 2 problems:
1- I can’t manage the Customizer or better I can’t view the preview of the thene on the right. An error appears: time session ended, login agaia. I use the wordpresso access but it doesn’t work.
2- The menù icon disappears on Mobile version. Also the “X” button, used to close images, disappears.

Can you help me, they are 2 big problem that I should resolve before lunch the new website.

Thanks, best regards


Hi, please could you give me a solution?

Thanks, best regards

Hi Saporilandia,

Apologies for this late reply.

Regarding to your issue in above about the customizer, can you try to:

  1. re-save the permalink
  2. uninstall one-by-one any plugins that didn’t required by the theme, just to make sure if this issue is caused by the plugin. I noticed there are javascript error occured from Jetpack contact-info plugin when I visiting your site

Then for the menu button/icon, please check the font-awesome font in sydney > fonts directory. You should see 5 fonts in those directory


Hi Awan, I follow your instruction but it doesn’t work.
Now, when I try to enter in Customizer, the page tell me that I haven’t permission to modify the theme of the website.
I try also change the theme, with Sidney, but the error in customizer is the same.
Where I can find the access data permission?

I check also for button and fonts and the folder is in theme folder with files indicated.

Have you any suggests to give me, please.

Thanks, best regards



I found this

Hope it can help you.