BISTRO - menu links to subpages

Hi, last problematic issue is wrong links menu which are situated on subpages. On homepage i have menu links with a mark “#” (there is a slider). But on other pages a want to make same menu but it should refer to subpages (sections from homepage has own subpages with same content). I used duocreek manager, but it works correctly only on one subpage - photogalery. Only there is right url to other pages… rest of pages has wrong links…


Can you please to elaborate more details about the issue? I cannot understand clearly for your issue in above.


it is difficult to describe it,but i will try it. Look at the homepage There is menu (probably in english something like “Home, services, statistics, roads, photogalery, contact”). There is a slider for parts “services” and “statistics” which uses url (for services) and (for statistics). It is correct.

And now look at other subpages…

For example on subpage - there is set url correctly also: (for services) and (for statistics). Because menu from subpages references to own other subpages.

there is a problem with a menu on other subpages ( , , , ). When you are on one of this incriminated subpages and click on menu, you can see wrong url. For example on there are wrong url in menu : “” ,".

I tried to use DuoGeek menu manager but unsuccessfully.

Unfortunatly, it is impossible to descibe it better. If you do not undestand i will have to prepare some picture instructions…

regard tom

I see… how did you set the link menu for the service and statistic? is it full URL with hash ( or just the URL hash (#sluzby) ?

I used greek manager and there is only “sluzby” ( without hashtag i think…)

Can you add the hashtag manually to the menu URL? I mean Did you set the menu for the Sluzby like this instead of only #sluzby

I try to search the plugin but cannot find it, can you share the plugin URL here? maybe I can try to check it from here.

I am afraid it is not possible to change it.

To download clich here:

If you want i can activate your profile again…


I just tried it in my localhost and its working.

Now, let me try it on your site please.

Hi, your account is activated (user and password are same as last time)


I’ve just logged in to your Menu page on the dashboard.
I still don’t understand, why you have several menu with similar menu item?

If the purpose is to make the #sluzby section accessible from other pages/sub-pages, you just need to use a “custom link” then set the URL as (you have to put it as full URL, if you put only like this #sluzby, it will not working on another pages).

Currently, I only change the primary menu. I just set the custom link field with “the full URL + the hash”


hmmmm, ok. Probably it is not problem to referenc from subpages to parts of homepage (with use url The truth is that did not knew i can use all URL for “slider”.

But can you tell me where i can change all url?