Bistro demo data

Hi, where can I download Bistro demo data file and import it ?
Thanks a lot for your help.


Here is a link to the demo content.


Thank you but I have the problem below.
I installed a fresh new site with all plugins, when I import data, this is the messages :

Import WordPress
Failed to import product_type external
Failed to import product_type grouped
Failed to import product_type simple
Failed to import product_type variable

Then when I visit the website, I don’t have the exact page as your demo data.
What am I missing ?
Thanks for your help.


Those errors don’t mean anything, they just show up because you don’t have Woocommerce installed while the demo data was exported with WC active.

Other than that I’m not sure what to tell you without seeing your site. Have you assigned your My Front Page as the front page?

My bad, it was my browser cache.
It works, thank you very much.
You should put the data file link in the bistro documentation.

Hi Vlad

I am having the same issue.
But I have refreshed my cache on my browser and it still displays the same as the main bistro theme.

Please could you point me in the right direction, or to what I am doing wrong

would really appreciate some assistance


I’m not entirely sure I understand what your issue is.

Hi Vlad the demo content doesnt show up anywhere and ive followed the steps precisely.

For what site please?
I see here that you’re using Sydney:

Its on this site:
pop me an email and I can send you a preview link.

I downloaded the bistro theme, but once I loaded it, and did the demo content installer.
It just came up looking exactly like the sydney main theme and not the bistro demo site thats on your website.

My email is my username

Ah okay, I think I get it now. The demo content installer is set to work with Sydney, not with Bistro I’m afraid.
To import the Bistro demo content you just need to get the file I linked above and import it through the default importer found in Tools > Import/export.

Thanks Vlad

Do I run it under Tools > Import > Wordpress > select file and import?

Yeah, but before make sure to install the Restaurant plugin if you plan to use the restaurant menus.

this one:
Restaurant Menu
Deactivate | Edit

This plugin gives you the power to effectively create, maintain and display online menus for almost any kind of restaurant, cafes and other typical food establishments.
Version 2.2.3 | By MotoPress | View details

Got that allready

No. The one I just linked.

I mean, you could use that one too if it works for you, just that the demo content is based on the one I linked. If you don’t want to use Restaurant by Justin Tadlock then you could simply use Sydney directly, there’s no point in using the Bistro child theme.

or this one:

Restaurant Manager

Install Now
More Details

Manage your Restaurant Meals, Menus and Table Bookings. Confirm or reject your reservations. Schedule booking times for your online booking form.

By Ryan Haworth

Failed to import product_type external
Failed to import product_type grouped
Failed to import product_type simple
Failed to import product_type variable

All done. Have fun!

Remember to update the passwords and roles of imported users.

followed the steps:

installed plugin; REstaurant; imported demo content

Didnt work…

wait no, found the page. It worked thanks Vlad!