Bigger images of projects


I need an advice how I can change size of images of projects on micro-pages :

  • on mobile – bigger photo – at least the size as they are projects on homepages (one photo in line)
  • on desktop - that are only 3 project next to each other (so a bit bigger image of projects than now that are 4 in the row) and that the 4th project come completely on left or at least at center (now the new project that comes in next row goes completely to right side)
  • on homepage – it stays like it is now

And if it is possible to increase a bit the size of titles on the projects.

Thank you, Anja

Hello there,

On what device the size should be enlarged? Please be specific.

To enlarge the title, add the below CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    .roll-project .project-title {
      font-size: 18px;



thank you for helping me enlarge the title. it works.

On all devices should be enlarger.
So on desktop/computer I want that I see 3project in one row (now 4) on micropages (at home page should stays as it is now) and on mobile phone are at the moment very small images on those micropages and I want that as big as if you see those on homepage.

thank you, Anja

On mobile I managed to get the size as it should be.

The question still stays for desktop - can the size of project images be bigger - that only 3 images come in one raw?