Big problem with sidebar and ''block editor''

Hello team and I mean all others because I think not members write their opinions here and not from the mother company.
I have the same problems and I hope someone to answer to me, well let’s start
A) I try to change us all of us in the footer copyright blah blah blah by Sydney theme etc…i I was [censored] hard and I download few times the other theme + i reset the all think…Now my problem was, i have same another editor (block editor if i remember correct) from side origin editor and this [censored] plugin make my life difficult, how can i delete this [censored]? B) into my blog or post page i have set recent post plugin and that because (if i remember correct its not necessary to set the same plugin for the show of my post) my post was at the left side of my screen and not and the middle. What to do? please help…but for that my i have the answer but don’t know what to do, at the widgets, now i have same other + widgets are being they write ‘‘custom widget area #1’’ what [censored] is that and how to delete that? Please help me Team( you can’t imagine how i paste the pc keyboard letters)please help, i don’t have the time to search in youtube,im a father and don’t have private email was PLEASE HELP ME.

the code where they have and says copy this code and paste it in the theme was that…
<?php dynamic_sidebar(‘smartslider_area_1’); ?>


Please create a separate topic for each of your issues to keep forum in good order and make it easier to help you. Also, please be more polite and avoid strong language, I censored your post above.

Kind Regards, Roman.