Big font how to reduce

After installing Sydney Pro 2 in the caps h1 it became a very large font. Adjust the font in the subject does not work, it does not become less. Tell me what the problem is.


Can you share your site URL here?

I figured out the font, found on the forum how to change with code. But there was another problem. The background in the contacts on the main page does not change, the store is displayed incorrectly, etc. Why sell the topic to people if it is not properly debugged and takes a lot of time to find and solve problems?


I am sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve hard working to build this theme to give the best experience to the end-user and of course, we do test it along with the recommended plugin before we launch the theme to the public. There is also a lot of users already use this theme and they are like it.

You can check our demo site for this theme here. The theme is working well.

But, sometimes when the user installs another plugin, it will need extra settings to make the site working as expected. That’s why we provide a free service in this forum to help them to solve their problem.

Please don’t hesitate to ask to the forum if you need help. We love to help you and we will keep working to improve the theme for the best.