Best way to change shopping cart icon on Leto

Hi gang,

I want to change the Leto theme shopping cart icon to a shopping cart instead of a purse/bag. I’ve read the forums on other themes and have looked into Font Awesome, but it sounds rather complicated. Is there an easier way?

If not, is Font Awesome the way to go and should I install the code into the head or the functions.php file?

Any experience with Leto on this would be appreciated!


My website is still password protected while under construction, but attached is screen capture showing shopping cart icon that I want to replace. Thanks!


To using the fontawesome icons on your site, you need to install two plugins. Please try this steps:

  1. Install and activate this fontawesome plugin
  2. and add this javascript code snippet using this javascript plugin
jQuery('.header-cart-link').find('i').attr('class', 'fa fa-shopping-cart')

For more references about the fontawesome icon, you can visit this page

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Thanks Awan! Worked like a charm.

Would I use this code below (I found regarding a different theme) to hide the “login / register” and/or the search ‘magnifying glass’ icon?

.menu li.header-account {
display: none;

Thanks and Happy 4th of July.

Use this to hide them:

li.nav-link-account, li.nav-link-search {
    display: none;