Best Way to Back Up Quill

Hi I’m very aware that I haven’t backed up my website since switching to Quill. Can you let me know the best way I should do this please?
Many thanks

Hello Liza,

Backup can be created with various plugins, and you can search for those on, for example this one Also check this article regarding plugins

Creating backup is hosting related question so you should contact your hosting service regarding this. Leading hosting providers offer backup tool, which can be accessed from Cpanel, but you have to check this for your hosting plan.

Also this is not theme related question, so if this is not useful to you, then please search for a better guide within WP community.

Thanks for understanding,
And all the Best!

Hi Dimikjones

Thank you so much for such a considerate reply and apologies for getting my host and my theme confused. I shall follow all your advice!

All best

You’re welcome,

And thank you for using our theme.

Best Regards!