Best translation tool

Hi all!
may you please be so kind to suggest which is the best and most convinient plug-in to translate all Sydney Pro content?
I did not tested anything so far but I would like to avoid problems specially on SiteOrigin widget
Thanks a lot

Hello Adriano,

There are several excellent translation plugins out there, but each one with its own pros and cons. So I suggest you to read about each of them and make your own decision.

  • WPML. Paid, premium product. Great plugin with great support. One of the most popular ways to translate the site.

  • Polylang. Free. Very similar to WPML, and in some way compatible with it. It can use WPML’s wpml-config.xml file (so if the theme is compatible with WPML, it is in most cases compatible with Polylang).

  • qTranslate X. Free. It is also very popular translation plugin, but it works differently (it stores all translations in one post/page). It is the successor of qTranslate plugin.

Sincerely, Roman.