Best Firewall & Best Sitespeed Plugins

Are there any recommendations for a firewall plugin and also site speed plugin(s) for the Sydney Pro theme?

I have been using Wordfence for over two years as a firewall plugin. My web hosting company recently informed me that Wordfence was the cause of my sites downloading extremely slowly.

If they are correct, then this is due to upgrades in the plugin over the months, because I used to clock my sites with the same hosting company using Wordfence as firewall at very fast speeds.

So if anyone has discovered what works best for Sydney Pro for a firewall and for improving site speed, I would love to know about it.

Thank you very much,


Hello there,

Sydney is standard theme which follows best WordPress coding standard. It doesn’t have special method to secure and speed up your Sydney sites. Thus you can follow the general instructions outlined on the codex below: