Basic2 Header - Sticky

Hi there,
Is it possible to stop the header changing in size when you scroll and always have it at the smaller size?
can it be made transparent?




yes… you can add this code to Customize > additional CSS:

.is-sticky .site-header {
    background-color: transparent;
.is-sticky .site-header .custom-logo-link img {
    max-width: 80px;



Thanks for your help - I put this in and hit publish but it made no difference.

Any ideas?


Hi, can you post your site URL here?
(Not live yet though)

Thank you. Can you make it live? So I can check it.

Hi Awan, I also wanted a transparent header so I used the top part of the code. But when I adjust the screen size it goes to black - also on the other pages - before you scroll it’s black. My menu sub items just stay black too. I’d like the header to always be transparent on every page - can you help please? Thanks! :slight_smile: