Backround in call-to-action not full height

Hi Vlad,

I have on the end of the page a call to action widget but unf. it looks like as the background image doesnt cover the whole content area as there is a white are between the widget and the footer. do you know how to fix it?
Thank you.

I’m guessing you mean on smaller screens? You need an image with a bigger height to cover it, at the moment the height of your background image is smaller than the height of your Call to action block, therefore white space is shown.

Hello Vlad

I have a similar problem but not exactly. I use Moesia theme for my blog.
I want to add a background image to some of my types - projects and clients.
I uploaded it but it’s not a full width image. Could I make it full width ?
I’ll really appreciate your help !

Thank you


You are using the front page template for that page where you have the blocks, yes? Can you post a link to your website?


No, you’re not:). You’re using the full width page template. Switch to Front Page please.

Thank you so much, Vlad … Cheers !

Hey Vlad
is it possivle to change the height of the call to action widget??