Vlad - Is it possible to customize the background (picture or color) for individual pages?


Nope, there aren’t options for that. But it’s extremely easy to do with some custom CSS. Please show me the list of pages you want and note if you want a background color or image for them.

Vlad - It would be ideal to address an individual image to every single page (just like it is done on the landing page).

This means for all the primary sites and their sub sites.
In all those sites I am using the full-width template. Is it possible to make that transparent … so one can see the background image?

Do you need a list?

You would first need to obtain the IDs for your page. When you click on Edit Page you’ll notice something like this in the link: post.php?post=3263. That number is the ID.

Then you go to your custom CSS plugin and you do it like this for each of the pages you want: {
    background-image: url('');

And you simply add this code as many times as you need, while changing 1576 for each of your IDs and changing the URL with the URL of the image you want for that specific page.

Or you can wait a couple of days and we might add an option for this in the next update.

Perfect - Thanks for your assistance!
I`ll give it a try with some of the pages.
It would be good if you could add an option
for that tho!!