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I tried different solutions to similar topics, but no solution matched my expectation, so I’ve created this new topic.

The menu items have a color (currently blue) and a color on hover (currently green), for sub menus it is possible to set a different color (currently white), but also a background (currently black, on hover red).

I don’t seem to manage to change this background on the menu-items for the top-level. This top-level menu items is transparent. I would like to change this into a contrast color, but I do not want to change the color of the top level menu background!!

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Remie Vliex

Hello there,

Please try adding this CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    @media only screen and (min-width: 1025px) {
      #masthead:not(.float-header) .mainnav {
        background-color: #ccc;
        padding-top: 6px;
        padding-bottom: 6px;


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