Background in widgets won't show up

scrap y chocolates

I just began with this free template which seems to ba perfect for what i need :slight_smile:

but, unfortunatly, i tried to set up paralax effect or backgroud colors on the first two widget i tried and it doesn t work :((all backgrounds are blank)

I didn t do a lot on this wordpress, i just load it few hours ago and this theme was the first and the only one i loaded.

By advance thank for your help and sorry for my poor english!


Hi JB,

Thank you for reporting the issue, we will going to fix this.
In the meantime, you can add the background image as parallax to the rows instead to the widgets.

Best regards,

Hi Awan,

Thank you for your answer, infortunatly i don’t undersand what did tou mean with the rows set up?

I tried to set up the backgroud with the css using the id of elements but it didn t work at all!

i will keep working on it and try to understand the tips about the rows,i ll let you know.

Ok, i get it with the rows, but it doesn t work too…

On rows, css didn t work but image background did :slight_smile:

too easy to believe it work!!!

Thank Awan.


Not sure why the css is not working, I think you need to add !important to the css rule.