Background in widgets won't show up

I’m having an issue with some backgrounds not showing up when added to the widget. The first widget that has a background always shows up, but the others that are below that one don’t show up. The only time I can get them to show up is I’m looking at the webpage at that specific widget, hit refresh, and it will THEN show up. However, looking at the webpage from a different computer or different browser - they don’t show up unless I do that refresh thing. If I remove the background but add a color, that shows up fine. Any ideas?

As a follow up, it seems to work in IE but has trouble in Chrome. Why?

Here’s the link:

“The Day” background works nicely, but the “Accommodations” and “Countdown” don’t always work.

Hello there,

Try to to disable all your additional plugins, and remove theme modifications if any, or re-install the theme.

You are doing an overkill on your site, it is very hard for computer hardware, and because of that painting of all elements is delayed. On Firefox it is showing after some scrolling up and down, and after everything is loaded. In chrome, backgrounds are there, but they wont show every time, and if you re-size browser a bit background should show.

Also, your plugins - theme is already using bootstrap.css and fontawesome.css, and one of your plugins is loading these again, this can cause trouble. And last, try to reduce amount of those carousels.

Probably, there is a culprit in your plugins.

Best Regards

dimikjones, you were right! It was the plugin for the map, so I’ve removed it. It is functioning better. Also, thank you for your advice. I really have no idea what i’m doing making this wedding website on my own, so I’m struggling a bit! Thank you again!

Awesome! Glad that got it fixed.

All the Best!