Background images won't load

Hi guys,

I have Sydney installed on this website and it worked perfectly.

Now, I’ve updated a lot of plugins etc. and also switched to https. But now the background images aren’t loading although they exist in https as well.

You can see examples a.o at the “Onze Services” row where background is missing and when you click Contact on the menu as well.

Then you will see the following code:;padding: 100px 0; " data-stretch-type=“full” data-hasbg=“hasbg” data-overlay=“true” data-overlay-color="#000000" >.

I had the background image already applied to the row (actually I haven’t touched the site until now and it used to work).

Does it have something to do with https maybe?

Hope you can help,


How I see you have marked this topic as resolved. Have you been able to resolve this issue, or do you still need help with this? Please let me know.

Best Regards,