Background Images Not 100% Wide

I have several widgets setup on the first row of the home page. Some of the backgrounds display properly at 100% of the browser width.

However, some of the widgets don’t display the background image across the entire width. Is there some setting that I need to make or a custom CSS entry I need to make?

Thanks for your help.

The one that isn’t working is set as a widget background as far as I can see, not as a row background. Also, you should set all your rows to the standard layout, full width or stretched won’t do anything for you.

Thanks Vlad. I removed the widget background images and set the row background with an image and the layout set to “standard”.

However, I’m not seeing the image behind the widgets now. Just a white background. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Perhaps something is not set right in my theme settings

To what widget are you referring? You’ve probably set an incorrect link. I’m seeing a not found error in the console.

This is on an “Animated Image” widget. it’s near the top, there’s a fade-in image of cars that doesn’t have the site or row background. Just white.

There is no background image set for that row. Go to Edit Row > Theme > Background image.

Perfect! That was it. Thank you Vlad!