Background images disappear


Hey there! After testing my site on several devices and screen sizes I discovered an inconsistency or problem with widget-background images. Those background images will be scaled to a certain proportion but once a limit is reached they suddenly disappear, leaving a white space. Is there a way of letting those images scale limitless maybe?

site: (the last frontpage widget is a social profile with background image, which disappears at certain (large!) screen sizes and a white block is all thats left)



On what device to you see the background image for the social profile disappearing? And on what screen size?


When watching the site on a mobile device or tablet the image will show (and or scale down or up). When viewing it on a desktop the image will show when I squeeze the window to a slimmer size, but when I stretch it out it disappears (approx. starting at 900px width).


I just tested your site in Chrome, IE and Firefox and I’m not seeing any issue. I stretched it, made it slim, refreshed the page with the browser resized and everything, and it’s looking fine.

In what browser are you seeing this issue?


oh I see: I am using Safari (macintosh :wink:


By any chance, are you using an older version of Safari? I can see the issue you’re describing on my Safari for Windows, but that hasn’t been updated in over two years, I’m guessing they progressed since then. And we haven’t got any reports of this issue in newer Safaris.


That seems indeed to be the case, both desktop computers use old versions (safari 5.1). Well then nevermind – since this is only a minor issue and most people won’t even notice. But thanks for your patience!


I seriously doubt people are using a Safari from 2012 anymore, I’m just keeping it around for testing purposes. So I guess there won’t be any people to notice it or not :slight_smile: