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I am having a problem with the background image on Moeisa at
It looks perfect on my PC - covers from edge to edge, scrolls, parralax. However, when I met with my client and looked at the site on both his tablet and iPhone (as well as my android), it was only in showing in random small pieces. Obviously this won’t do. Can you tell me how to fix this?


Update: I tried using a larger image, but now it only shows in the header and not in the background of the rest of the page - just disappeared and background is white.



The background image is parallax only on Desktop, on mobiles it’s not parallax, but it have to be from edge to edge covering the banner area.

Please post a screenshot and point out what is the exact issue or how it shows for you on iPhone, Tablet and / or Android.

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This is how it now looks on my desktop - the image will not show at all as a background below the header(I have tried 590p wide, 1024 & 1920 - same result)
front page
I would attach screenshots here as requested, but it will not paste it in this space.



Please post a link to your screenshot, I can’t see it embedded in your post.

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