Background image scroll with page

I uploaded an image as the background for my site, and I would like it to scroll with the content (not really looking for parallax, just scrolling together - but even parallax would be better than a static background image and the content simply scrolling on top).

How can I do this?


Can you share your site here? and point me to your uploaded image please.


Hi Awan,
Sorry about that - I forgot to mention that my site is not live yet. Let me know if there is some way I can share it with you.
Thank you!

From where did you upload the background image? is if from the page builder (means its only for a section) or its from the: customize > backgroun image?

It is from Customize - Background Image

I just noticed something: I have installed Sydney Child theme so that I can change the footer, but I am having trouble with doing that. When I added the footer.php file, the site preview completely stopped loading, just stayed on the bouncing dots for like 10 minutes. So I figured something with the Child theme caused the problem, so I deactivated and deleted it, and put back the Sydney main theme. When it has that, background image does scroll with the page.

However, I just installed the child theme again - with no modifications or anything in it yet, just the .zip file that I downloaded from you guys - and now the background image doesn’t scroll anymore.

If I activate the main Sydney theme again then it scrolls; if I activate the child theme again it doesn’t scroll.

Found the fix. There is no option to check “scroll with page” when the background image is set to the “fill screen” preset (which is what I had it set to in the child theme), but if it is on the “custom” preset (that I had it on in the main Sydney theme) you can then choose “fill screen” as the image size and a box appears allowing you to check “scroll with page” or leave it unchecked. (Also an option to repeat background image.)