Background image not showing

Hi there

I can’t get the background image to show.

When I reload the page it flashes visible for half a second, then disappears.

I disabled all plugins, and re-enabled one by one. It seems SiteOrigin Page Builder is the culprit.

Since almost the whole front page is built by that, I have to have it enabled.

It is a recommended plugin, as well.

Is there any workaround for this please?



Can you share a link to your site please so I can see exactly what’s going on?

Sure. It’s not launched yet so could I perhaps share in an email or private message?

Better yet, use this form and just link to this topic:
We’re trying out email-based support for Moesia Pro at the moment.

Thank you! I have done so.

For anyone reading this, the solve was go to Customize > Additional CSS and add this:

.panel-grid { background-color: transparent; }