Background image is not full responsive?

I found that Background image is not full responsive, not like header image (welcome area). When I adjust size of internet browser (Chrome) to be smaller, I found that Header image is reduced image size. But not for Background image, it is also reduced size but not equal to the same percentage as Header image.

for example:
When Header image is reduced size 50% but at the same time Background image is reduced size 30% and has been cropped edges.

Please suggest if it’s a problem or not.

It cannot really be responsive because it’s not an actual element, it’s just a background image.

The header is a different thing (at least in the latest version of the theme) because at smaller widths it switches from being a background image to being an actual image element, thus being displayed in full regardless of screen size (not sure if you noticed, but you can also upload a smaller version of your header image from the Header Image tab in the Customizer and that will be displayed on widths below 1024px)

So no, there isn’t a problem here.