Background image (in row in home page) do not show

Hello! I am trying to add a background image in a row in home page.
I do see the overlay colour at the opacity I have chosen but the image I have upload does not show.

Can you please suggest how I can fix this? - I have uploaded my image in the Media, and also tried to upload it directly while setting the area in home page (while using the Page Builder), yet nothing show behind the module I have chosen.

[For reference: I wold like to achieve en effect like the one in “Partners” in the demo of West].
Looking forward for an answer!

Hello Emmepi,

There might be an active cache running on your site that stops web browser to load the latest changes have made. You should flush it first if any.


Hi @kharisblank. I cleared the cache but still, the image i chose to put in the module background does not show.
I can see the overlay colour (but it does not change the opacity % and just insert the color I chose) but no image shows.

here is my page: and the image should go underneath the 3 boxes with an icon on the top and texts underneath. that now is a grey rectangle (full width).

Thanks for your help

Hello there,

I am sorry for I am still clueless until now. Because from the inspector tool, I found only a single row that wraps three columns of icons and text. Would you please take a screenshot of your page’s live composer? That might help me better diagnose where the issue actually presents.


Hai Kharis. here is the screenshot of the part of the page with also che live composer activated.
As you can see there is an image (see the “remove image” button/command in BG image) but again, this is the result I get.
i tried to add the image as a module, and that works but it is not the result I need since I want to add some text/other image in that space and would like the image to be a background.
thanks for your time!

Hello there,

From your screenshot, the row doesn’t contain any module. Thus its height renders to 0px. What will happen if you insert some modules in there?


I can see the element I try to insert (ex. an image) but I would like to have an image as background of the area - the grey rectangle you see is the color I choose as an overlay colour but the image i uploaded and inserted still does not show.

If I insert an image in the module it shows but that is not the result I want. I would like something that you can see in the demo of West (see screenshot).


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