Background Image for Navigation / Footer

Hello Vlad,
is it possible to set a background image for the navigation and footer? If yes can I also have it “a bit” (80%) transparent? Thanks for your help!


Sure. The same image for both? Add this:

.site-footer {
   background: url(pathtoyourimage.png) no-repeat;
   background-size: cover;
.top-bar {
   opacity: 0.8;

First of all thank you so much for all the help you gave me yesterday.

I have uploaded the background ok but I dont know how to add the block where the block is transparent and has a call to action in the middle and the background shows through as you scroll down.

What are your thoughts on this please Vlad ???

great. thank you.


I asked you to open your own topics when you have questions :slight_smile:

I cannot possibly know to which background you’re referring to or if we talked about it before, but I’m glad you managed to upload it.

Do you mean the Moesia FP: Call to action?