Background image - change settings

Hello everybody,
I am apologize, if problem like is this my have there solution, but I have not find no such advices in conversations how to solve it.
My problem is: I have website with front page, and I made an another page (let’s call it test page) which have template setting as front page, too (I like it because the template is full width). This test page I made in PageBuilder (I do not used moesia widget in row, but visual editor). And i would like to change, or set background image to be scroll like text (because now the background is fixed and I can scroll just text), and to background be in 100% resolution (not enlarged, no stretched…). But I would like to set this just in this test page. Where can I made some changes? In option Edit Row when I am using Page Builder? Or where?

Thank you so much for your replies.