Background Image - Call to Action Button

Struggling to understand why I can’t get a background image displayed in a row with a call to action button. Added an image through edit row > themes. Would be grateful for help! Here is url: (button click to find out how it works).


You have a white background set from Customize > Front Page Colors > Call to action. Make sure the value there is ffffff and the image will be displayed. This happens because the background color set there takes precedence over the options from the page builder.
Also, you should set your rows to Standard, not full width or full width stretched as it is not needed.

Many thanks, it works!

Interestingly I have a similar issue. However, it is NOT the background color of the button, and it only appears on one location wherein the other locations of the widget are normal. This widget worked perfectly for weeks then it stopped, and the others remained the same. I have tried creating a whole new row, deleted the widget and started anew. Changed backgrounds… no avail.

Check it out here- it is the first widget as you scroll down on home page- you’ll see the white area. ( )

Thanks much for the theme and helping make it perfect!

I figured it out… there was one bad <h3> without an ender ( </h3> ) that caused the issue.

Thanks again for an incredible theme!

Vlad - we are having a little trouble on this issue (link below) - can you assist?

Many thanks