Background color wrongly effecting


I have been trying to change the background color on a particular section on a page am working on but the background color is not effecting appropriately rather just a certain area around the text in the widget has the background i chose.
I also attempted changing the font color but also not possible.
the page is located here and the widget is the call to action widget holding “CAREER”.



Hello David,

Please try to use this CSS code:

#pgc-220-6-0 .panel-widget-style {
     background-color: #252525 !important;

#pgc-220-6-0 .widget-title {
     color: #C5C5C5 !important;

You can add this code to style.css file of your child theme, or you can use Simple Custom CSS plugin for that.

Please feel free to ask any other questions you might have.

Best Regards, Roman.


Thanks guys for the prompt and accurate response. Will try them and update here.
Thanks guys


You are welcome David,

Okay, I will wait for your update.

Kind Regards, Roman.


I am having the same problem and the css code didn’t fix it. The background of the call to action widget only covers part of the widget…


Hello @yalk33,

Please try to use this CSS code:

#pg-290-2 {
    background: #1C1815;

Best Regards, Roman.

P. S.
That is always better to create your own topic for your question :slight_smile:


Thank you @Roman,
I tried the new code provided, but that only made the background color “taller” not wider, I want it to cover from side to side of the screen.


Hello @yalk33,

Can you please create a new topic and provide more details about your issue (ideally with some screenshots)?

Kind Regards, Roman.