Background color on shop page - Woocommerce

Hey guys. Been browsing here for an answer but can´t seem to find it. I want to have the shop page with the same backgrund color as the whole site (#ece2d8) But the shop page is looking like this:
How can i fix this? I want nothing white on this page.
If possible some CSS to remove the Title showing as well would be nice.

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:


Hi Henrik,

Add this to make the page transparent,

.woocommerce .content-wrapper {
    background: transparent;

And this to hide the page title:

.woocommerce-products-header {
    visibility: hidden;


That worked like a charm, I wanna do the same for account, cart & checkout to, please help :slight_smile:

Then update the first code above with this:

.woocommerce .content-wrapper,
.woocommerce-cart .content-wrapper,
.woocommerce-checkout .content-wrapper,
.woocommerce-account.content-wrapper  {
    background: transparent;