Background color for another blocks

Hello! thx for that great theme!
Have a question: how do you change background color for another blocks?
I have header with my picture, than block “about me”. “About me” use standart white color for theme preferences. But how I can change color for second and third blocks? Where am I wrong?
there is screenshot for my problem:
Thank You!

Hi, you can change color for block (sections) from two places.

  1. Go to your front page hover over widget, hit edit, Design > Background color.

  2. Edit row - wrench icon > Edit Row > Theme > Background color. Also, here you can find Row Layout option which you can change to Full Width Stretched. Set this value if you want that block consumes whole page width.

Thank you very much! My mistake was - input 2 widjet in one row instead of two…
can you advice me widjet for feedback form?
I’m a newbie in wordpress )

I’ll try :slight_smile:

If you want to put it on front or any other page contact form 7 is excellent one.

For modal popup, try this.

Also you can check this review about numerous contact forms.

thank you so much) You are best!
How can I repeat my blocks in right-menu? Create new pages and replace widget or text there? Or I can repeat easiest?

Yes that would be the process. Also, default text widget is not formattable, so you can consider installing Black Studio TinyMCE Widget plugin (in general, it is text widget with editor).

Ok. Thank so much :slight_smile: sorry for so many questions.
Almost finished my first page on WP :slight_smile:

What plagin or widget can help me with: place social-network icons in right-menu for people, who wants to retweet, repost about my site on their social pages?

No, guess you can try with Simple Social Icons plugin.

great, but this icons works like link to my social pages. I mean icon that works like - posted link to my site on their social page) sorry, hard to explain)

p.s. have any secret about place this “©” in the footer.php? On my page its unreadable

I think i found smthg what I need.

but is it works in right menu? )

Oh, yess. There is shearing module from jetpack plugin, and Share Buttons by AddToAny. I am not sure for jetpack, but AddToAny have option to add shortcode into widget.

If you are placing “©” sign inside html, you should place it like this ©

Read about HTML Entities.