Background color change of widgets

Hi…I tried that and it’s not working. The colors are already black there. Here will find the screen shots of the exact problem.

Please load the home page of You too can see the problem. The marked black areas are fine. But I need the grey areas too black behind the top main video (Below the top slider and above services). The background of “Services” widget should be white and need not be disturbed.
Background color of “Facts” widget is orange and let it be as it is. Color behind Clients, Testimonials and Contact widget has to be black. I have marked in the given screen shots. Any code to make the grey to black ?


I am not understand enough about what are you talking in above :smiley:
But I tried to achieved the screenshot which you’ve shared in dropbox. Here is the Custom CSS code to change the colors, you can add the code below into: Customize > Additional CSS.

.home .page-wrap {
    background-color: grey;
#pg-27-4 .panel-row-style{
    background-color: grey;
#pg-27-6 .panel-row-style{
    width: 100%;
    margin: 0px auto;