Background Color Blogpost

Hello I like to change the background color from my blogposts. I’m using moesia-pro and I can’t find that option.

Can you help me?



There isn’t an option but it can be done easily by adding some custom CSS to a custom CSS plugin:

.hentry {
    background-color: #eee;

Or this if you want just for single posts:

.single .hentry {
     background-color: #eee;

thx 4 request. but after i installed some custom css-plugins i’ve got the same. the bg-color of the blogposts stay white.

should i write something in functions.php?

Nope. Post a link to your website please and show me the page where you want to change the background.

i opened the page for you for a short time. please watch. i have to close it soon, because it isn’t ready to publish … thx

is there any more documentation about how to configure, modifying your theme or is there a central css-file wehre i can make changes?

Use the second code I gave you and it should work.

you’re right dude. sry 4 the work and thx 4 your fast response and support.

and which css-command i take for the side-bar-widget. again my question do you have an central css, where i can watch your css?

Not really sure what you mean about central CSS.
If you want to change the sidebar background use this:

.widget-area {
      background-color: #eee;

i mean a css-file in your theme, where i can find your css-formatting and not always ask and to bug you all the times …

Oh, style.css is the file. But don’t edit it directly, copy what you need and change it in a custom CSS plugin.

thx. but didn’t found that file in my directory. well i will watch again. hope i will find it. otherwise i’ll be back … ;O)

It is there. Or you can find it easily if you go to Appearance > Editor. It’s the file that opens automatically.

oh, i finally i found it. i’ve to open my eyes. sry …