Back to Top Button & Mobile Version issues

Hi Team,

I tried searching for these topics but without luck so opening a thread here. I need some help with 2 things:-

  1. Back to Top Button - I would like to actually add the text “Top” on top of the button because somehow especially in the mobile versions, it’s getting lost among my share buttons at the bottom. How can I add this text on the button?

P.s. I would also like to report a bug here in this button for the mobile version. Since my primary colour is red, the ‘back to top’ button has a red background and white arrow however if a person has clicked it once and then they decide to scroll back down again on the same page - the button background colpur changes to ‘white’ and the arrow becomes ‘red’ which makes it extremely difficult to spot on a white website background because now it is showing as just a small ‘red’ ‘up arrow’. This is happening in all the inner pages - not the home page. Can it be fixed please.

  1. In the Mobile version the menu background colour is a standard dark blue with white text. Can I have it the same as my desktop website version? Also there is no form of highlight, like change in colour or underlining, when the cursor moves on both the menu and sub menu items or even when they are actually clicked.

How can I do the 2 things above…change the colours and also do some form of highlighting when the cursor moves or the items are clicked?