Automatic meta description tag

Hi guys,

Ignis and jetpack is generating a meta description tag on its own for my site when I am already using Yoast SEO for this.

When I disable Jetpack the tag is gone, is there something I can do to keep it from generating the tag?

Is this a theme specific issue or plugin specific?

I have also used West theme with Jetpack in the past but it didn’t generate a Description tag. So could this be the theme?

Please help me out…my site link is



Sorry for the delay.

Ignis doesn’t generate a meta description. I’m pretty sure that’s not even allowed for themes on

As far as I know Jetpack has SEO tools, including meta descriptions, just with a paid plan. Is it possible you have purchased such a plan and have it active?

Hi Vlad,

No, I have not purchased a jetpack plan, i am on the free plan at the moment.

The only thing active on my jetpack is the portfolios option.

What next?

Not sure what else to tell you. Might want to get in touch with Jetpack’s support if you say disabling it makes the meta description go away.

If you check our Ignis demo site with the inspector you’ll notice there’s no meta description, so neither the theme or Jetpack are generating it.

Okay. Do you have jetpack installed on the demo site?

Yes. The homepage portfolio is built with Jetpack.

Ok. So I got in touch with Jetpack and they helped me turn off the SEO Tools.

Who knew even the free version has SEO Tools enabled. There is a Debug option at the bottom of the Jetpack Dashboard page, wherein there are a lot of other tools that can be activated or deactivated, SEO Tools being one of them.

This is fixed and can be closed now. Thanks.