Automatic Italian translation

Hello everyone,
After the standard installation, I noticed that in all the articles or pages, is automatically entered the Italian phrase “Lascia una risposta” that I believe to be incorrect, because in Italian, “Lascia una risposta” involves a question … so it would be more correct to translate in “Lascia un commento” (Leave a comment).
That said, how can I change the sentence so that I may see “Lascia un commento” in my article/pages?


The translation doesn’t come from the theme. We don’t have any translations at the moment. So the translation comes from Wordpress’s defaults.
And I think it’s risposta instead of commento because the original text is Leave a reply, not Leave a comment.

Thats correct, translation of some wordpress sections is not the best one. This is especially true for Italian language

To change this attiliovalerio you need to adjust it in your wordpress .po file. Note that adjusting po file on every update of wordpress is lost

Beautiful danc77!
I found and modified the .po file to correct the translation. All right.
Now, however, I should be re-read the file in Wordpress and I do not know how. I am a novice … :frowning:


I’m not fully sure what you mean by re-read. However this is how the procedure should work:

  1. download the .po file from your installation public_html/wp-content/languages
  2. open it in POedit and manipulate the translation save it and generate .mo file,
  3. upload to public_html/wp-content/languages folder in your installation.

IMPORTANT! make sure you have a untouched copies of both .po and .mo files as backup

Also note every time Wordpress updates you will lose your changes.

There should be plugins able to do this too, I recall one named loco or similar, but I never used plugin for such modifications.

All perfect !!! Great !!!
Fixed issue.
Thanks for everything!

Thanks, thanks and again… thanks!!!