Automated Services Page - Cannot edit/customise!

Hi there!

I am currently creating my site with Sydney theme. While developing most parts of the site has been straightforward, I am struggling with customising the separate services page.

I have set up the services section on the front page, created blocks through the widgets. However, a services page apparently has been automatically created with url format which is showing all the services in blocks and in full content mode (looks really bad!). I cannot seem to edit this page at all.

I have created a separate services page linked to the “services” at the menu bar. But I had to name it just to avoid people getting into the wrong page. This is not an ideal situation since still exists and I do not want people to find this.

How can I edit this automated separate services page or get rid of it?


Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us here.

Technically is called as archive page for services post type. WordPress system always does it for any custom post type when has_archive argument is set to true. To disable it, you have to edit the Sydney Toolbox plugin core file; edit the inc/post-type-services.php file. Then replace this line:

'has_archive'  => true,


'has_archive' => false,

Just for information, editing the core plugin’s file isn’t recommended task to do as the changes you’ve made will be overwritten once you update it in the future.

Other alternative might be redirecting to You would use this plugin:


Hi Kharis,

Thanks for your suggestions. I tried installing the plugin. Is it typical for the plugin to not work if I have a “site under maintenance” plugin on? I have set a redirect but it is not working.