Auto-animate Service Section On Pads/Phones When Scrolling?

Here is a fun challenge. I finally got to use my own images to animate in the “Services” section instead of the standard hexagon. Now they light up when you hover. Love it. No one on phones or pads (touch interfaces) can see my work and the highlight feature is lost. Can it be made (easily, CSS?) to auto-animate when they scroll through, like many of the animations in the theme Moesha?

That would be a fabulous feature for future Perth Pro updates, as well as a few other simple choices of shapes for Services icon background animations and a few new row separator types to choose from…off-center triangle (rooftop), jagged, curve, grass shapes, plateau… I could go on.

So sorry for the delay.

That is a complicated task to achieve and reaches our support policy limit. So I can’t provide coding solution here. If you are interested, I would suggest you hire a freelancer at or