Auto adjust contact form in my theme

Hi, I will like to be able to have the same feature that many contact form has (send a picture) where you can auto adjust as you like the size of the contact form.

Thanks if it is possible!


Do you have any url of your website to share and to have a look on which textarea form you are speaking about ?

Usually, if you are using a textarea instead of an input html tag type in your form, the web browser automaticaly give you the possibility to resize the textarea as you feel.

Hope that helps



Thanks for the quick reply.

This is the website:


Hi again,

You’re more than welcome :slight_smile:

Your problem appears because you are using “input” instead “textarea” html components.

Depending on which form builder you’re using, look for a compononent which should call “message textbox”, “message area” or something like that.

Once you’re form is published, check the html of your form in web browser by : clicking right on it > inspect > read evey part of your form.



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