Author URL in discord link/thumbnail


Whenever I link my website in Discord it displays the Author URL in the thumbnail.
For example I link my website, it shows a thumbnail:

MyWebsite (
Page Author URL (
SEO meta

How do I hide the page author from being visible in the thumbnail?

Thanks in advance.

Hello there,

I’d like to help, but honestly I didn’t get what you want. Do you want to remove this part on author page?


Sorry for my bad wording, I’ll give you an example with a screenshot.
Whenever I link your demo website (rocked main page) it shows this in the thumbnail:

Rocked- URL to website
vlad - <- the author URL that I meant
and the SEO meta

So I was wondering if could hide the author from being visible?

Hello there,

Each messaging platforms have their own link preview. On Skype, it displays something like this


I conclude it isn’t specific theme related issue, because the previews are inconsistent. Is there any information from Discord on how to get proper preview as we wanted? Probably it would give me a clue.