Author link "See all posts..."

I want to remove the link at the bottom of all posts that says "See all posts by “this author”. How can I do this? And also in this regard, to center the picture (now it is a bit on the left on some devices).
Thank you!

This would hide that link.

.view-all {
    display: none;

I’m not seeing it to the left in any device. You are referring to the author avatar, right?

It did the job. Thank you, Vlad!
The picture is Ok now.


Vlad, How to disable sharing on my Header picture (logo)? I just now read that it can be done with this . But I have no Idea where my Img tag is…

Open up header.php, hit CTRL F and search for get_theme_mod(‘site_logo’). You’ll see the image tag there.

Worked like a charm. Thank you!

How to center the feature image (once a post has been opened).

featured* image

You mean if the image isn’t big enough? You can use this:

.single-thumb {
    text-align: center;

Yes, thank you. I appreciate your work and highly recommend your products to everyone.