Audio Player Not Working

I run a music store. My audio files are protected from playing in full using Easy Digital Downloads. I use WooCommerce on to manage the store and I added Easy Digital Downloads to truncate the audio files so that they do not play in full. At first, this worked well. All files were playing just a preview. All of a sudden, that changed. I do not understand what caused the files to stop playing and the Music Player is not showing at all even though all the settings are set to play and to show the Music Player. Please help!!!

Hello there,

Thank you for asking. Unfortunately we feel like it goes beyond the scope of Sydney theme support because that’s purely plugin territory. To check it yourself if it’s an issue with Sydney theme, you can rule it out by temporarily enabling one of default WordPress themes like Twenty Seventeen; then re-run your test.

In addition, you may need to consult with the plugin author.