aThemes Yearly Access | inactive :(

I do have a aThemes Yearly Access that is to expire August 2019
But I cannot update my Themes in WP as the status of the product as I can also see in my account is “inactive”
Payment status is complete

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You might have to upgrade to Sydney Pro 2.x first.


Hey Kharis,
thanks for coming back to me.

I followed the instructions but when I click on VIEW UPGRADES I don’t see anything there.

Thanks for coming back to me.

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additional info:

Also when I click on a download link in the purchase receipt email the error is: “Sorry but your download link has expired.”

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What is the email address you used to purchase? Let us check it directly from our system. For security reason, please share your email privately via direct message.


Everything in your account looks fine. If you want to download a theme please do so via

Automatic updates should be enabled if you’ve entered your license key, which it looks like you have for Sydney Pro and Airi Pro.

The links in your purchase receipt will have expired.


which brings us back to the reason why I opened the support ticket.

it looks fine - but it actually is not working.

  • I can’t update my themes in WP because the license key is inactive
  • I cannot access the theme downloads
  • my 1 year subscription status in my account is inactive

this is why I am trying to get support here.

It’s already a week I am trying to get my issue solved.
please contact me.

any chance to get support ?

@charlie @kharisblank


I made a ticket just like this one, I have the same problem.

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Dear @sabineblank0112,

Somitimes you need to tag them, like i did… They dont get a notification and because it is so busy they sometimes don’t see it.

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License key inactive just means you are not using the license. If you enter the license it should work. Just make sure that you are entering the correct license for your theme. Each theme has a different key.

When you say you can’t access your theme downloads, what do you mean exactly? Can you login to From there click on the Downloads tab.

As I said, ‘inactive’ just means not in use. It doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Your license is active until August 12 2019.