ATheme Sydney Pro support

I am not sure I am going to continue with this theme. The support seems very sporadic, I have 2 post waiting most of this week that are still unanswered.
If there is a problem with my post and there is no intention of responding then that response is better than no response at all rather than allowing questions to continually stack up in the forum that are never answered.
The search in the forum is a nightmare as you cannot just search on Sydney Pro and end up getting lots of the same questions some of them unanswered and those that are may not work on the theme you are using.
I am beginning to think that it might be easier to just start all over again, go get the plugins I need as unless you want your site exactly like the Pro theme there is little you can do but you would think you could at least be able to make some simple navigational changes.

Ok sorry you can delete this post, it seems that the please notify on your site is not working as I am not getting the message to say there is a reply
my apologies



I was just reading this and getting confused as I was seeing replies for your posts. Notifying does work though, perhaps they landed in your spam.

I agree about the forum search and it is something we plan on improving.