"AT Tabs" widget doesn't work

I want to first thank you for designing such a great template! I love the look of the “AT Tabs,” but when I use it, the tabs don’t work. It only displays the content under the “POPULAR.” The other two, “LATEST” and “TAGS” are simply irresponsive. Please help! Thanks!

Link: http://thingsyoudontknowaboutchina.com/


Thanks for noticing, please replace whole code inside theme folder / js / settings.js with folowing:

	$('.sf-menu ul').superfish();

	$('.widget-tab-nav a').click(function (e) {


This will be fixed in next theme update.

Best Regards

Thank you for your reply. I did as instructed but it’s still not working.

Okay, it works in Firefox but not in Chrome.


It is javascript function, it is working on all browsers, I tested it myself with Chrome, Firefox, IE. If you are using some caching plugin, please clear it cache and try again.

Best Regards

It works! Thanks!