Astrid Theme with Child not working suddenly


I noted a post about page builder but I dont think that’s my issue. Was wondering if there were any changes made that would affect communication between an Astrid Child theme and its parent? As of last night my site was working, this morning the site and a slightly older clone of it on a dev server just stopped loading. The dev site has had no updates since March (last maintenance update from Wordpress) so it’s quite peculiar that both instances would experience the same symptom at the same time.

Anyway, I can get into some pages directly but the homepage will not load. The Astrid loading animation shows and the page never loads. If I abandon the child theme I recover some functionality but still can’t access everything including portions of the Dashboard. So it seems the child theme (or something about the related settings, media, plugins) have something to do with the problem, but can’t be all the problem. Any insights?


You can ignore/delete this question. Circumstantially it ended up being a PHP patch issue (in that it wasn’t patched), so it was a server problem. It was just extremely odd the way it manifested affecting the Child theme.

Hello @gruth, thank you for sharing this.

I think that it’s better to leave this topic, it might help someone else.

Kind Regards, Roman.