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Hi - is there a chance to have this theme exact the same as it on demo site ? Especially I’m interesting the same blocks and scheme as are on main page of demo - looks really great !



Thank you for contacting us about our theme, Astrid. I am happy to help with your queries.

You’ll be able to automatically replicate our demo site by doing automatic demo import from your website’s dashboard. This option is not available by default. You need to install and activate the demo importer plugin. Once enabled, you’ll have an additional menu that reads Import Demo Data under the Apperance menu.

I hope this reply helps.

aThemes Support


on your website there is no more Download option for the Demo Content, like suggested in the youtube Setup Demo.

Any advice ?

Hi @pe1234,

Thank you for chiming in.

Perhaps the video you followed was outdated. Can you share its link here?

Adding, you can go to this page to check out a set of documentations written by us.

aThemes Support