Astrid Projects - how to show only selected pages


Here is the site I am currently working on :
On the home page, I would like to show a selection of projects.

In Astrid Projects widget, there seems to be the possibility to display only some of the project pages.
There is a section in the widget menionning “Page IDs to display in this widget (separated by commas, example: 14,810,220). Note: you can find the page ID in the URL bar while editing your page.”

I have tried several time but no success : as soon as I indicate one or more ID seperated by commas (with or without blanks), the widget does not display anything.
When I remove all the ID, then all the project are displayed again.

How can I display a selection of pages ?

Thanks a lot

Hi Carole,

Please make sure that you get the page ID in the correct way.
First, Edit your project page
Then you’ll get the page Id on the address bar of your browser. See this


Hi Awan,

Ok I see what you mean.

In tha bove link I see the page ID is 2190. But I defined my own page ID (more user-friendly then the number). In this exemple the renamed page ID is “bellem” (which is the name of the project).

Is it possible to make the widget work with the page ID I have set ?



The “bellem”, I think you talking about the permalink? The permalink and the “edit page URL” are different.

You can use the permalink to make the URL user friendly, but you need the “edit page URL” (which is only the admin can see) to get the page ID. So, for your issue, please use the “edit page URL” instead


Thanks Awan for your help. I will use the “edit page URL” as suggested.

Have a nice dau,

Greetings from Paris,


Have a nice day too, Carole :slight_smile: