Astrid PRO

Hello! I´ve bought the Pro Version of Astrid, but it´s not possible to upload the template on WordPress. Alway get the default “No Style.css” but it´s in there.

How can help?



It’s not a theme, it’s a plugin. It says it’s a plugin when you buy it :slight_smile:
Upload it from Plugins > Add New please. Let me know how it goes.

My hero! It works! Made my day! thanx! :wink:

hmmmm… next problem … since I´ve made the upgrade nothing is working … I´m finaly not able to get in the backend … my homepage is not working any more. It show the error 500 … any ideas?

Not sure I understand, you said yesterday it’s working.
Are you sure it happened after you installed the plugin? Did you make any code changes?
Post a link to your page please.

He Vlad! Thank you for you quick response …
I did nothing since yesterday … I just wanted to show a friend my homepage and she said “oh nice page - so… white …”

My Hoster wrote this this morgning:


[Tue Mar 22 09:01:45 2016] [error] [client] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/www/doc/30485/ on line 468

Looks like the problem is with the theme, not with the plugin. As I’ve asked before, have you done any kind of code changes? Otherwise this shouldn’t happen.

I did nothing… The hoster said it looks like a Trojans …
Because I really did nothing, just a new post… ?

Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out.
Do you have FTP access?

So nice… Thanx!
And yes, I have access…
Hoster said, I should upload template once again… What do you think?

That is what I was going to suggest also. Delete the theme (only the Astrid folder from wp-content/themes/astrid) and then upload it again (you can also do it straight from FTP).

Thanx! I’ll try and let you know how it works!