Astrid Homepage translation with Polylang

Hi there!
I am trying to translate my website my I am struggling with the homepage and the blog session.

I have all the translations set on the WP already, all the strings, menu, etc. But the homepage is built with widgets, and when I try to translate the homepage with the Customizer, it only gives me the option to work on one homepage, so I cannot add and translate the second language homepage.

For the blog, how will I set up a blog for the second language if there is only space for one blog area?

My website is

I look forward to hearing from you!

Hello there,

For pages, you have to translate them:

Also check this post, that’ll tell you how to set your homepage.


Hi, I´m back to this topic. I confess that I gave up after trying hard, but now I need to finish the translation of the website and I can´t seem to solve it.
I´ve come a long way with the translations aleady and wouldn´t like to change the theme ans restart the website from scratch just because of translation issues.
I just cannot set the homepage of the website - I read all the documentation on Athemes website regarding Polylang and also the support forums on Polylang. However, my frontpage on the second language seems odd. Here is the url:
Any kind of help is much appreciated.
Thanks, Lorenna